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Family Photography

This just goes to show you that just like when you become parents, you have to learn how to deal with ALL different kinds of people.With my family photography, this is it in a nutshell….

I love life, I love stories, I love photography, and I love families. Honestly, there is nothing better than meeting new clients and hearing who they are and what their photography needs are. So, it is no surprise that I want my family photos to tell a story about the individuals in the pictures.

Speaking of family, when I was little, my camera was imaginary. You know, I was the kid walking around with my hands forming a box, as if I was taking a picture. Even though I didn’t have an actual camera, I had a vision of the picture in my head. Looking back, I think that is where my creativeness and imagery for my family photography comes in. When I take photographs for real now, I still use my imagination to capture an image that defines who these people in the family portrait are. I have been a professional photographer for over five years, and it still amazes me how a photograph can capture all different levels of emotions.

When I started Photographer San Antonio, obviously, I already was a photographer. But, I became a businessman and a philanthropist, as well as developing my skills on how to deal with people who have a whole range of temperament. Over the years, I have had the clients who didn’t know ANYTHING about what they wanted, to those who knew EVERYTHING they wanted for their photography project, right down to the way they wanted my tripod to be set up.

I guess what I am saying is that being a San Antonio professional family photographer has helped me to grow personally. And, that’s a good thing. Now, I always look for the good in people, including my clients who are discerning and difficult (Oh, yes, I have had my share of those). My honest opinion is that everyone looks their best when they are laughing!

With my years of experience in the industry, I have become a full-service, dependable San Antonio, TX area professional photography business. It doesn’t matter the size of your family, how many little ones you have, if you want to include the family dog (nice….), I will make it happen by combining everyone’s different personality into one outstanding family photograph. Using my knowledge, my quirkiness, and my photography skills, your family will be put into a family picture that will bring great memories.

Photographing families involve both what is seen with the actual eye and what is not. My aim with every family photography project session is to capture images that shows spontaneity while also revealing the beauty and temperament of every family member, including your pet. I am very outgoing, some would say an extrovert. When I am in a taking photographs, I am active during the whole session with everyone involved. I focus on the unexpected facial expressions and moments that arise while we are together. I love spontaneity and I love when it comes into play during a family photography project. 

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