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My name is Sergio Arratia and I’m a photographer in McAllen, Texas and the entire Rio Grande Valley.
I am a leading McAllen photography service provider and my specialization is in capturing the special moments in your life from weddings to events, maternity, family, portrait, commercial, professional headshots and nature. My goal is to provide you with outstanding and stunning timeless images that will make you smile every time you look at them.

I believe that life consists of special times which you should always remember and this is why I uniquely employ my artistic and professional prowess in capturing real emotions, happiness, love, enthusiasm, and moments of anticipation.

Many photographers in McAllen, Texas can document your life events such as weddings, family reunions, and the like, but it takes a professional to create portraits that will simply take your breath away. I take the simple images I capture and create an artwork that you can confidently and lovingly display on your walls.

My Photography Services

If you visit my portfolio and scroll over the hundreds of photos I have shot over the years, you will have an idea of the different types of photography I do. However, I still feel it is important you know in text and images the services I specialize in.

Wedding Photography

I absolutely love shooting weddings because of the dynamism and opportunities they give me to showcase my art. Using a mixture of unique, artistic portraiture and modern photojournalism, I put my heart into capturing stunning images, personalities, and the emotions portrayed during weddings. This includes engagement, the makeup session, the grand entry into the wedding venue, the first look, the first kiss, and bridal photos.

Because I know just how important your wedding is to you, I endeavor to provide you with superior services, expertise and products. I do not take lots of wedding photography McAllen appointments in a month and this allows me to offer customized services to the advantage of my clients.
The cameras and lenses that I use for all McAllen wedding photography, together with my full range of on and off camera lighting equipment, show my investment and seriousness in giving you a quality wedding photography. All images are hand edited by me and the team I am working with using professional software thus enabling us to make every image a work of art.

Family Photography

Families grow and change quickly, but a professionally-taken and beautiful family portrait will not only last a lifetime but tell the story of your family over and over again throughout the years. Family photography is particularly important as kids grow up, new additions are welcomed, or when everyone is home long after leaving the nest. As one of the top McAllen family photographers, I also offer quinceanera photography services to help you commemoe family dynamics, personalities, as well as individual characters. Depending of your preference as the client, you can erate those special family birthdays.
I take every opportunity to capture the moments of the day in order to bring out thither opt for studio or location portraits when doing senior or family photography McAllen.

Portraits and Headshots Photographer

It is not easy to find a professional photographer that specializes in portrait photography for individuals, families and businesses. I specialize in individual portraits, senior portraits, family portraits, business portraits and any kind of portraits that you need.
Did you know that a business headshot can set you head and shoulders above competition? Well, your image is what your website or social media visitors look at first and longest. This is why it makes absolute sense to invest in headshot photography for your online and offline presence. You can either come to my studio or I can visit your location and shoot from your office. I am known all over McAllen for the genuine expressions I capture during my headshot photography sessions.

Event Photography

Together with my team of McAllen photographers, I can comfortably cover all sorts of events including sport and corporate events where the services of professional event photographers are needed to best reflect the particular service or brand. I am very flexible and I can either work under you or your event organizer depending on how the arrangement is. All my other event photographers are highly trained and observe the highest standards in providing you and your guests with a professional experience as well as photographic mementos you will all remember for a long time. I also offer birthday, corporate events, high school dances, graduations, holiday parties, festivals, charity events, galas, conference events, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs and wedding anniversaries.

Maternity Photography

The onset of your baby’s journey heralds a season of excitement, emotion, and connection. Together with my team of maternity photography McAllen experts, I love documenting the early days when your baby starts developing in your womb and following up all the way to delivery. I celebrate your pregnancy journey in a special way with artistically-crafted images that wholly focus on the beauty of your belly and the joy of delivery through newborn photography McAllen.

Commercial Product Photography

From a marketing point of view, emotions have been discovered to overwhelmingly drive behavior. My professional product photography helps you strike the right chords to get the audience excited to buy your product. Through creative images, I showcase your product in an inspiring setting or in use and this is important as part of your marketing collateral.

Fitness Photography

Working out is never an easy undertaking and the best way to reward yourself while doing all the hard work is to capture your strength and confidence through photography. I help document fitness sessions whether they are fashion-inspired, artistic or casual photo shoots. I exceptionally use light to highlight the beauty of your muscle and tone as well as to sculpt your body.

Nature and Landscape Photography

Here, I endeavor to capture and document sceneries, features, and spaces within our environment. The images I shoot depict lighting conditions, weather events, landforms, as well as the plants and animals that constitute our natural landscapes. I intelligently and artistically combine color, visual texture and value structure as I represent nature. Over the years, the images I have captured showing the openness and spatial arrangement of landscapes, textures of plants and behaviors of wildlife, have been used in a number of publications within Texas and beyond.

Serving McAllen and any city you need my services

Even though I am based in McAllen, TX I enjoy traveling to other cities in Texas and anywhere in the world. Most of my jobs come from Rio Grande City, Pharr, Mission, Edinburg, Weslaco, Harlingen, Brownsville, and South Padre Island.

What Makes My Photography Special
It is undeniable that we are all living in the smartphone age where almost everyone is exposed to visual imagery and photography in one form or the other. This has made it extremely challenging to identify ideal photographers in McAllen TX who can preserve your special moments.
Among the reasons businesses, families, and couples keep on knocking on my studio doors each and every day are:

  • The dynamic nature of my photography McAllen styles which range from architectural, candid, landscape, night-long exposure, photojournalism, fine art all the way to portraiture, digital and film.

  • My obsession over the smallest details and perfection

  • A dynamic and diligent photography team that is highly trained and experienced

  • A creative and inspirational photo studio McAllen space that allows me to deliver some of the most extraordinary images

  • A rich portfolio of past events, portraits, weddings, product photos, as well as landscapes and nature.

  • My packages including wedding photography prices are affordable and highly customized to ensure you are not locked out.

I am a photography professional you can count on for whatever type or style of photography you want. Get in touch with me for consultations and free estimates.

Sergio Arratia Photography 2400 McCullough Ave Unit 120351 San Antonio, TX 78212 (210) 361-6654