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Growing as a travel Photographer

Growing as a Travel Photographer

         Anyone who has a passion for traveling would want to take and share their photos to the world. Some might even want to become a professional travel photographer. Of course, becoming one is no joke. It will take a lot of practice, hard work, and sacrifices to improve travel photography skills. Here are some things you must know to continue growing as a travel photographer.

1. Know more about the place- It is important that you know about the place you are visiting. While there are a lot of things you can only learn best when you arrive, it pays to do your homework before you make your visit. While you are planning for your next trip, my advice is that you read about the place. You can read travel guides, read reviews of places there, and check out the best attractions in the area. All this info will guide you once you step into your destination.

2. Develop your photography skills at home- Many photographers make the mistake of experimenting with their photography skills and familiarity with equipment once they arrive at their destination. While some mid-travel adjustments are inevitable, playing trial-and-error with your skills and equipment at your destination translates to wasted time you can otherwise use for shooting more photos. Therefore, I recommend that you learn about the nuances of photography at home. Before I started travelling around the world, I would take pictures pretty much everywhere I went around my city. I even approached to one of my friends who owned a fence repair company here in San Antonio and I asked him if I could take pictures of his jobs. He even asked if he could use some of my pictures in his website at http://www.sanantoniofencerepair.com/  

3. Be proactive in searching for photo opportunities- One of the golden rules of photography is that you should be at the right place at the right time. Whether you are admiring the sights and sounds of the place you visited or you are interacting with the locals, you should always be proactive in searching for photo opportunities. Aside from having an eye for capturing scenes, you should also have your camera always ready. You’ll never know when the ideal shot will come right at you.

4. Try less-known locales- In any destination, there will always be destinations that are more recommended than others. While there is nothing bad with visiting these places to take some photos (especially if they are awesome), there are advantages of trying to take photos off the less beaten path. Visiting such places provide you with scenes and shooting opportunities that are not often seen. Get this right, and you just might snap some shots no one else has.

5. Find inspiration locally- Inspiration can be found just about anywhere. Each location has its unique quirks, so it’s best to capture photos that capture the uniqueness of each place you visit. Know more about the history and culture of the place. Take time to converse with the locals. Check out other travel photos covering the place. Constantly look for inspiration, and you should be able to get photos that capture the essence of the place. 

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